Pantops Pet Salon
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It's what we do -- it's all we do.

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Welcome to Pantops Pet Salon

We are a full-service salon and spaspecializing in canine clips, bathing, and therapeutic treatments. Weunderstand the importance of your pet. It is our goal to provide a pleasantspa experience for your pet and to deliver a professional bath and haircutfor you. Anything less than this is not acceptable. We believe that yoursatisfaction determines the health and stability of our business.

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Pantops Pet Salon & Spa has highly trained groomers capable of doingclips on all breeds of dogs, with the exception of the Chow, Rotweiler, andSiberian Husky. We can do haircuts that are standard for a particular breed orwe can do short haircuts for comfort and easy maintenance.

In the early 1980s our groomers attended school at the New York School of DogGrooming. Our patterns and hair styling are fashioned after theirinstruction. Earlier groomers attended additional seminars on terrier, cocker,and sporting breeds, all of which has added to the styling we do today.

All Haircuts require some degree of hand scissoring and that requires artistic talent. It takes on average two years to train a groomer -- not everyone can demonstrate the hand-eye coordination and creativity required. Shaping the coat of a small dog such as a poodle or shih tzu takes one to two hours in addition to the time spent brushing, bathing, and drying. Large dogs take 2 to 3 hours more.


Dogs are thoroughly brushed, combed, nails done, and ears cleaned before the bath. Our basic shampoo is a wonderful protein, aloe, lanolin shampoo designed to improve the health and shine of the coat while moisturizing the skin. We work the shampoo evenly into the dog's coat and gently scrub with a soft brush, penetrating the coat to the skin, insuring absolute cleanliness.


Clipping of nails is included with a bath or haircut.

An appointment is not required for nails only, butwe only do dogs that do not require a muzzle. Cost: $10.00.

Skin and Flea Treatments

We have shampoo designed to treat most commonskin problems such as itching, dryness, flea bites, and some modest medicalproblems as well. After a thorough shampooing and massage with theappropriate conditioners, your pet will look and feel like a new dog again.It is highly recommended that all shampooing be followed by appropriateconditioners to relieve dry skin or sores caused by fleas.


The Pet Motel and Salon

Dog and cat boarding is available at The Pet Motel and Salon,our 5th St. location just off of I64. Ownership is in the family with thesame emphasis on "comfort, cleanliness and concern."